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The Hicks and Chicks

The Tomorrow Center (Old Edison School)

2012 to June 2015

Tomorrow Center (Old Edison School)

The Tomorrow Center: The Hicks and Chicks no longer dance at this school.  The Tomorrow Center operation has moved to another school in another town, and the building is being closed.  

This building was built to serve the children of the Edison School District, until 1960, when Edison high school students were incorporated into the Mount Gilead School system. Edison continued as an elementary school. It is currently being used for special programs and classes. 

The Gymnasium we had danced at had an excellent wood floor. The east wall has bleachers and the west side is the stage. The caller more likely called from the gymnasium floor.  We found the sound is excellent, no mater where the speakers are placed. There is a cafeteria down stairs, that can be used on special occasions.

Where: The Tomorrow Center (The Old Edison School) on Rt. 95, Edison, Ohio, 43320. The Edison school was called the Tomorrow Center and is on the corner of State Route 95 and Morrow CR 9. 

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